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Meet Jeremy. Meet VIZE.

Hi, I'm Jeremy. I've been a college adviser to all kinds of students across Los Angeles and the world for the past eleven years, but I've always wanted to help more than a dozen students reach their college goals each year.


VIZE is a project to do just that. Think of VIZE as an automated version of my advising brain: our Tasking System will guide you through everything from developing a college list to every specific thing to do to maximize your chance of acceptance, letting you know not only how to take care of everything but also why each task is important.

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NYU Stern

School of Business

"I have worked with Jeremy for five years, and he has significantly improved my knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. He has helped me to broaden the ways I can apply my natural strengths to school and even everyday life. During my college application process, Jeremy helped me to deeply understand and hone my passions into a compelling narrative to present to universities through my applications."



University of Michigan School of Engineering

"Jeremy came recommended by a friend of mine who is a high school guidance counselor. His analysis of the SAT and tutoring for the exam were crucial in helping my daughter achieve over a 1500 on the SAT, and she was accepted into a Top-6 engineering program. We are all so happy to have found Jeremy to assist with the college admissions process."



University of Miami Herbert School of Business

"All through the period of applying to college and in preparation, Jeremy was my right hand throughout the process. Whether it was taking practice SAT/ACT exams in the upcoming weeks before my exam or fine tuning each individual college supplement, Jeremy constantly was able to make me work in new ways to produce the best outcomes."


How We Can Help

College counseling really boils down to this:

1. Reminding applicants of both what they need to do and when.

2. Providing specific guidance of how to do those things.

3. Helping students stay motivated by explaining why each of them is important.


VIZE is designed to help with all of those things through the same conversational, easy-to-understand language that Jeremy uses with his private clients.

VIZE Tasking System

Once you develop your college list, the VIZE Tasking System will keep you on track with each of the hundreds of individual things to do along the path to college, including school-specific requirements based on your list. We hope you never get stuck along the way, but if you do, the VIZE Counseling Team is always available to get you moving again.

NEW! VIZE Partnership with Next Level Tutors

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VIZE is partnering with Next Level Tutors, an established, highly reviewed test prep and academic tutoring organization: we want each of our users to get all the help they need along their unique path to college! For anyone seeking academic or test prep help, we’ll help you get set up with a personal tutor at Next Level to guide you through whatever you need, whether that’s anything from AP courses to the SAT and ACT!

VIZE College Match

If you need help creating a list of colleges that meet your unique needs, VIZE's College Match Survey will learn about what YOU (and not USNews) want in a college experience through a series of simple questions and suggest colleges that meet as many of YOUR criteria as possible.


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