VIZE Guide: Essay Planning

Essays are often the most daunting part of the application process, but don't worry! As long as you adhere to VIZE's recommended timeline, everything will be finished in time! Like all of our guides, this one’s a bit long. If you’d like help with specific prompts, you’ll find that toward the end of our guide.

VIZE recommends that you go through the essay process in a series of simple steps:

1. Review your journal if you’ve kept one, and make a list of at least ten of your most life-changing high school experiences. These experiences can be literally anything; what matters is that they were meaningful and transformative to you. Write 1-2 sentences about what these experiences have done to shape who you are. Dig deep--the more introspective you are, the better essay you’ll write. Just make sure it’s not a complete sob story, and that you learned something from it, even if you couldn’t enact that knowledge right away.