VIZE Guide: Extracurricular Planning

All extracurricular activities are, however unfortunately, not created equal. Many applicants think that their activity choices need to exhibit broad interest in a multitude of areas, but it's often a better approach to focus your attention on activities that can be linked logically to your academic choices and passions. Instead of showing that you're interested equally in all things, try to focus your activities around themes that are developed elsewhere in your packet. Beyond the above, the vast majority of schools will use your activities list to determine a few specific things. In order of priority: Time Management Skills To ensure that your activities highlight your ability to manage time, make sure that there are as few gaps as possible in between your chosen ventures. Try to avoid taking a summer off to surf either couches or webs, and instead use those kinds of opportunities to develop a community service, academic, or athletic activity that can bring in others to help or participate. As you fill out your application, make sure that the most time-intensive activities are at the top of your list, with the possible exception of those that exhibit a high level of leadership.