VIZE Guide: How This Works

One of the most important things a college adviser can do early on in the process is help you understand how to best orient yourself to everything college in big picture terms. VIZE knows that it’s confusing and probably a bit overwhelming right now, but not for long!

Let’s start here: college applications are a long, complicated process, one that can best be described as creating something like a commercial for yourself. You’re the product being sold, and your college list is your target market. And just like in advertising, there are a lot of different ways to sell something: you might want to talk about all of the unique features a product offers, tell a heartstring-pulling story of how that product came to be, or even tell a killer joke that will forever be associated with a product name. All of these strategies can work in advertising, just like a number of different approaches can work in a college application. What matters is only that you’re memorable as a candidate. How you achieve that is up to you (but don’t worry, we’re here to help!).