VIZE Guide: Narrative Planning

We’re sure that you’ve seen all the sob stories of accomplished candidates being disappointed with their college results that abound on the internet. We have, too, but it’s usually pretty easy to diagnose where things went wrong for those students. Most of the time, those results end up disappointing because the application packet that achieved them reads more like a laundry list of randomly assorted activities and achievements instead of centering around a coherent theme or narrative. In order to avoid that all too common mistake, make sure to read through the following guide to Narrative Planning:

There’s a lot of information around the internet surrounding “spikes,” “hooks,” and things like that. While we at VIZE agree that those things CAN help to shape the overall narrative of an application, we know that it’s also possible to construct a theme that shows how well-rounded you are. For some students, a direct focus on certain kinds of activities might work best, but for others, dabbling in a wide variety of things might be the best avenue of illustrating your intellectual curiosity.