VIZE Story

Hi, I’m Jeremy, Co-Founder, CSO, and Lead Counselor of VIZE, and I’d like to introduce you to VIZE by telling you a bit about the VIZE platform and how it came to be.

We’ll start with me: I’ve been a college adviser to the children of the rich and famous across Los Angeles for 11 years. I love my job, but ne part of it has always bothered me: that my private practice helps to cement inequality in society because not every college applicant has access to someone like me. That may be due to living in a rural area or because of economic concerns, but in either case, it’s simply unfair. It’s not a level playing field out there, as I’m sure anyone reading this knows. I’d always made sure that I taught a couple students for free each year and offered advice on college advising forums, but those efforts were hardly going to solve the bigger problem of inequity. I’d always wanted to broaden access to elite college advising resources, but didn’t have the technical know-how to make that happen.

In a stroke of luck, Eyal, a former student of mine and now VIZE’s CEO, called me out of the blue to pitch an idea that was exactly what I’d wanted to do: put as much of a college adviser’s brain into an app as possible. Alex, our Chief Architect, joined the team as our technological guru, and we got to work immediately.

The combination of Eyal’s business expertise, Alex’s tremendous coding ability, and my college advising experience have all come together to create the VIZE platform, a web application that can do about 90 percent of what I do for my real-world clients. We’re all proud to say that, with the help of what is now a team of talented coders, graphic designers, and counselors, we pulled that off pretty well. We’ve launched with freely available general guides to each step of the application process along with regular articles posted to our blog. And for students that need more specific guidance, the VIZE Tasking System will break things down into hundreds of simple instructions, helping you understand what to do, when to do it, and why it’s important to the process.

We’ll continue to add features to the VIZE platform throughout this year and beyond, and we’ll keep you up to speed on how and when to leverage them. Stay tuned to our blog for updates, and best of luck throughout your college journey!

Applying to college can be tough. It doesn’t have to be. Hi, we’re VIZE. We can help.